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  • A little product goes a long way, You Do not need soak clients lashes as this can cause eyes to sting.
  • Improves glue attachment and extends the life of your eyelash extensions
  • Works well with all glues
  • Avoid wiping primer on skin.
  • Shake for 5 seconds before use.
  • Helps remove oil, dust and sterilise the natural lashes before eyelash extension application 


    • We recommend using Lash Cleanser if your clients’ natural lashes still have too much makeup residue before using the primer
    1. Apply eye pads 
    2. Dispense a small amount on two microfibre brushes
    3. Feel free to dab any excess primer on a clean tissue to prevent it seeping into the eyes.
    4. Place one brush beneath the lashes and another brush on top to gently glide the lash extension primer onto your clients’ natural eyelashes, cleansing and coating each lash thoroughly.
    5. Ensure that the primer has fully dried before starting the application