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Glue Shaker

Glue Shaker

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Save time and effort with our hand-held Electric Glue Shaker.

Lash Adhesives can separate over time and require a great deal of shaking -
This shaker will bring your glue to the perfect condition in just 30 seconds.


Simply attach one of the Adaptors to the Glue Shaker, then attach to the adaptor the correct size Silicon Head (there are 6 included in the package).

Attach the Glue at the bottle top end to the adaptor, push in, it will be a snug fit to prevent the bottle coming away from the adaptor.

Press the On/Off button once and the shaker will start to spin the glue bottle. After 10/15 seconds press the same button again to stop. Remove the Glue bottle from the Adaptor. Its extremely simple to use and only takes seconds to attach the adaptor and silicon head to the shaker.

 In The Package will be :-

  • 1 x Glue Shaker
  • 2 x Adaptors
  • 8 x Silicon Heads (for different size bottles)

Batteries not included (takes 2 x AAA)