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Do you offer nationally recognised training?
No, we offer private training only.
There is a big misconception within the lash industry as to what is required to become a lash artist.
Fun fact- the lash industry is UNREGULATED within Australia.
This means absolutely ANYONE can be a “lash artist” WITHOUT any form of training..
Only a RTO can offer nationally recognised training & provide the APPLY EYELASH EXTENSION unit to which you will be given a statement of attainment.
The only “official qualification” you can obtain for lash extensions is by completing a cert III ,Cert IV or Diploma in beauty therapy.
If the training institute is claiming to offer nationally recognised training please do your research and check to see if there business is listed.
Again, completing nationally recognised training is NOT a legal requirement to operate as a lash artist.
Are you a certified trainer?
Yes, I am a certified and insured Lash Extension training educator through The International Lash Masters.
Will I still be able to obtain insurance?
YES! This is a big one that a lot of people spread the wrong information about.
The industry is unregulated therefor ANYONE can obtain insurance to work as a lash artist.
It is always important to check with any insurance company to determine what there specific requirements are as some companies MAY require you to under take a nationally recognised course however most do not.
We discuss our chosen insurance companies with you during your training with us.
Why don’t you offer nationally recognised training?
In my professional opinion and from past experiences I feel the nationally recognised apply eyelash extension unit is not thorough enough.
If we were to offer the nationally recognised unit apply eyelash extensions then we could only teach you the exact curriculum for this unit.
Our training curriculum is based on the apply eyelash extension curriculum however is tailored to what we feel should be taught as a beginner lash artist.
All our students receive a certificate of completion upon completing training with us & can advertise as certified artists.