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Starting your Lash Business as a Home Salon

I have been in the eyelash extensions business for quite some time now and I still remember vividly how I started and all the hardship, struggle, and successes I have had and everything in between.

You may have seen a lot of women that are starting their own eyelash extensions business at home. A lot are actually doing it. I being one. 

In this blog, we’ll take a look at the concept of having a home salon; amazing benefits and some tips that could help if you ever decide to set-up your own lash extensions business right in the comfort of your own home.

Now, let’s start with the nitty-gritty. The cost!

Cost is the #1 reason why LASH entrepreneurs choose to operate in their homes.

Any budding Lash Entrepreneur would know this. If you want to save on rental costs and of course, increase your profits and lower your investment then a home set-up is ideal.

I suggest this arrangement especially to those who are just starting with their eyelash extensions business. Like any business mogul would say, test the area first. Is your location accessible to a wide variety of clientele?
Can the business possibly survive in your area in the long run?
Having a salon at your own home can give you that idea, that test run I should say, at a low cost.

Deciding to open up a Lash business is one thing, executing that plan is another.

You need to decide on specific details for the structure and design. This is where the work begins. First, you need to have a sit down with your family and tell them about your plans; because basically, you are transforming your house into your office/work space.

Then, you need to decide which part of the house you can have the welcome/reception/waiting area and then which room you’ll need to do the services. These decisions differ based on the structure, size, and layout of the house. If you have a spare room or a guest bedroom no one actually uses, then lucky for you. You can convert that and have your lash extensions supplies set up there. 

The next thing you need to do is decorate.

Make sure that you are set up professionally. Even though you are just at home, you need to revamp your space. Decorate it as if it were the real deal. Invest in furniture; you can hang paintings, put up vases of flowers and offer complimentary lollies/ mints and bottled water for those who are in the waiting area. These may seem unimportant to you, but for your clients, it really makes a difference. Trust me.

Another important thing to remember is the Legal Documents/Insurances

It is different in every state, city and local council areas. Do your research on permits needed for opening a business at home. Yes, these may seem tedious, it is actually, but it needs to be done. 

Insurances - Please make sure you are insured before you have your first client walk through that door. In Australia, some Insurances companies that look after eyelash artist are;
Sparrow Insurance
Holland Insurance
Just to name a few...

Photography of your work.
I will dive into photography more in another Blog coming up but to skim over things. You will need to showcase your work through Photography. 
Taking Before and After photos not only warrant your work but it can also help you gain more clients. 
Uploading your before and after photos to your social media showcases to other potential clients your work and what you can do. 
Make sure you're getting the right angles and and the focus is on the eyes only. 

These are all awesome tips to start your own eyelash extensions business at home. I hope it helps you one way or the other.