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Lash Tip: Taking Deposits

Lash Tip! I know most of you are taking deposits on your appointments, but for those of you who may not be this is seriously something you should look to do ASAP, Particularly with Covid and if you suffer from clients that no show or last minute cancellations regularly. 

These days, especially now, salons and small home salons are getting more no shows and last minute cancellations by the week. 

Once you implement deposits you will be AMAZED at just how much of a difference to your business even a small $30 deposit can make to recover from that lost appointment. 

We have since learnt that when your client also has something to lose if they choose to “no show” or cancel last minute for no reason, they all of a sudden MIRACULOUSLY find the time to make that appointment so they don’t lose their deposit! 

Do you think is this Unfair? do you have clients whinging about it? No it's not unfair at all. ITS BUSINESS!

What’s unfair is you constantly having to deal with clients that don’t respect your time and don’t care if you lose money because of their actions. At the end of the day you are trying to run a business and you have bills to pay as well. 

You need to ask yourself if a client is not willing or is reluctant to pay a small deposit for an appointment, do you really think they’re committed to showing up and do you really want them as a client?

Do the math on how much money you lose per week on average from no shows & last minute cancellations & x it by how many weeks you work per year. That figure should be all the motivation you need to start taking deposits NOW!

 Ive Actually had our clients now tell us they actually like the fact they pay a deposit because it means they pay less on the day of their appointment!

They're are so many online booking systems that automatically take deposits when your client is booking their appointment, and if they do not proceed with payment then there appointment spot becomes available to someone else.

So whether you lash part time or a full time or if you work in a Salon you still need to TRAIN your clients to respect your time and your business. 

Its the new way, and its fair for everyone!