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Humidity Humidity Humidity....

Humidity is a very well known word in the lashing world. We all should know now It's no secret that lash adhesive cures with moisture. Have you ever had a day of lashing where your adhesive just wouldn't cure or cure too fast? This is due to the levels of humidity within your lash room or space.

One of the first and most important things you should have to monitor is the temperature and humidity within your lash room is a digital hygrometer. These can be purchase online Click Here and necessary for your lash room to keep track of how the moisture levels are before your clients arrive and during your treatment. 

There are so many lash Adhesive on the market at the moment and different lash adhesives cure within different humidity ranges. The average curing range is usually between 45-60% humidity levels. Your adhesive supplier should have these ranges on display before you purchase the adhesive. See Example Here

If you live in a generally more humid location, such as tropical QLD or city, besides relying on air-conditioning, the moisture levels in the air will be naturally higher so find an adhesive to accommodate this if you do not want to solely rely on room temperature control using air con, or purchasing a humidifier. In the instance of living in a humid location, you may even need a dehumidifier or to set your air con system on dry setting.       

Alternative methods of lowering humidity include:

  • placing baking soda on a plate or dish in the room as it absorbs moisture
  • Kitty Litter, hide under the lash bed but this will also absorb humidity.

It is important that your humidity levels are not too high as this will cause shock curing ( those white dots on the lash line after your adhesive sets). Shock Curing can even snap natural lashes off so please be careful.                                                   

On the other hand, to increase humidity, meaning to add moisture you can do the following;

  • Add vases with flowers in your lash space 
  • Spray water ( use a generic spray bottle ) 
  • Fish Tank
  • Using a diffuser   
  • Use an eye dropper to add a few drops of water to client's eye pads for immediate moisture if you are really struggling to raise your Humidity levels.         

If you need to alter the humidity and temperature levels within your lash space, you will need to do start this process a couple of days or even a couple of hours leading up to your lash appointments as it will take some time to adjust.